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Racked Networks

Racked Networks is a Root Layer Technologies owned and operated Australian businesses featuring a wide range of products and services that have been designed for the SMB market. At Racked Networks we pride ourselves on knowing that anyone can provide a product, however not just anyone can provide the service, and the support that is required to support the end user with their service. That's why at Racked Networks we have a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year dedicated support team that is able to provide the service and the support necessary for any business to operate at maximum operational capacity. The Racked Networks Customer Support Team is accessible to our clients at any time of the day or night, and we have a dedicated mission critical support (MCST) team on standby for those unforeseen emergencies that require immediate action and resolutions.

At Racked Networks we believe in quality over quantity, this is why we ensure that our prices are market competitive and our customer service is to the highest standard for our ever growing customer network. Racked Networks believes that customers should be able to have the service they pay for at a fair and reasonable price, one without any hidden charges and extra fees we see from other service providers. We make sure everything is crystal clear at each consulation.

Our Slogan - "Racking Solutions" - reflects our dedication that we have for our customers. Each time a new client signs a 12 month contract on a dedicated server, we make that server is our #1 priority and we rack it within 24 hours or it's $50.00 credit for you* this guaruntee enables our customer to get the most out of their new server and the best support from us. Backed by our great billing platform we are able to bill, deploy and service all new and existing customers with a hassle free service. We can deploy hosted web solutions, managed virtual solutions and software licenses within as little as 30 minutes dependant upon current demand and deployment ques.

With our colocation facilities and datacentres both domestically and internationally we are able to provide world leading service to our clients in state of the art facilities. With Datacentres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Australia as well as other facilities located in the USA and other international locations, we are sure to have you and your business well covered.

Interested in our services?

Looking a new service provider for your business? Get a customised service quote for your business by contacting our sales teams. We will call you to learn more about your business and its requirements, we will also ask about your mission critical systems to ensure that we provide a quote suitable for your business and its IT requirements.